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The Prayers of the righteous availeth much

In Loving Memories

Our condolences to the many bereaved families around the world.

Praying Together

Our deepest condolences goes out to Brother Archie Carlyle and family for the loss of there love one.  

The New Zion Church Family offers their sincere condolence to the entire family.



Please pray for all those suffering with the Coronavirus illness and those who have lost love ones to the virus and all other sickness

The Family of Mother Beulah Mayberry 

The Crowder Family

The April Family

Brother Kevin Longberger & family

Sis. Kiristi Mills & Sis. Mary Mills

Bro. Daniel Haralson

The Delaware Family

Sister Queen Ellison

Pastor Ellison

Sister Patricia Ellison

Sister Jerri Moore

Bro. Jacob Sheriff

Bro. A. C. Smith & Family

Rev. Juster Johnson

Family of Bro. Larry Howard

Rev. Edward (Bow) Haralson family

The family of Sister Kiristi Mills

The family of Sister Ella Jones

Sister Betty Curry

Bro. Al Tyme Moorehead & family

Sister Sherry Pittman & Family

Sister Lisa Smith & Family

Sister Anessa Tate

Sister Dorothy Gainwell

Sister Ella Jones & Family

Bro. Cobie Collins & Family

The Smith Family

Rev. Edward Haralson & Family

Rev. R. L. Green & Family

Bro. Michael Rucker & Family

Bro. Michael Jones Family

Bro. Ronald Hall

Bro. Michael Wilson

Sister & Brother Dennis Wright

Sister Rose Knight & Family

Bro. Greg Burns & Family

Sister Willie Louise Smith

Sister Dorothy King & Family

Sis. Laura Taylor & Family

Sis. Earlene Hill & Family

Bro. Robert (Pig) Fisher

The Nutall Family

The Grant Family

Sister Ollie Collins

Sister Betty Jackson & Family of  Mt. Nebo Church

Rev. Charles Thomas & Family

Pastor Fred Kelly - Mt. Zion Church, Vaughan

Fisher Family

Williams Family

Wellington Hill Family

Bro. Michael Latiker

Sister Belinda Lett

Sister Ruth Jackson

Sister Claira Crowder

The Brent Family

Rev. Robert Green & Wife

Brother Bernard Bishop

Sister Jones/Pleasant Hill

Bro. Earnest Ford & Family

Bro. Robert (Pigg) Fisher & Family

The Barber Family

The Starling Family

Bro. Andrew Fisher

The Family of K. C. Bradfield

Rev. Charlie Latiker

Rev. R. L. Green & Evangelist Green

Rev. James Hines

Rev. Benjamin Hall

Sister Sharon Hill

The Taylor Family

The Peyton Family

The Murphy Family

Deputy Ferrell

The Lawrence Woodberry Family

Brother Windell Tate

Brother Q. C. Simmons

Pastor Clifton Jackson, Sr.

Pastor Gregory Taylor

Pastor Clarence Blackman

Pastor Willie Jones

Pastor Curtis Strong

Pastor Gregory Robinson

Brother E. L. Hendrix

Brother Albert (Tyme) Moorehead

Brother & Sister Daniel Haralson & Family

Brother Archie Carlyle & Family

The Owens & Lewis Family

Sister Maxine Carter Williams & Family

Gloria Jenkins (Sister of Kiristi Mills)

Mother Beulah Jefferson 

Mother Blondell Fikes 

Mother Laura Taylor

Sister Elosie E. Green

Sister Betty Curry

Sister Earnestine Williams 

Brother Samuel L. Smith

Brother Hugh Collins 

The Smith Family

The Allen Family

Sister Georgia Stublefield- Detroit, MI


Our condolence goes out to the Owens & Lewis Family as they prepare to lay to rest their love one, Johnny Owens, Jr.  Grave side services will be Saturday, April 25, 2020 at 2 p.m. at Cypress Gardens Cemetery, Yazoo City.

The New Zion Church Family offers their sincere condolence to the family.

Grave Side Services will be Saturday, April 25, 2020 at Tye Cemetery, Yazoo City: time 11:30 a.m. for Sister Mary Latasha Carter.

The New Zion Church Family offers their sincere condolences to the Hollins & Carter Family. Our prayers are with each of you.

In Loving Memory of Mother Mamie Allen

Funeral Services for Mother Mamie Allen will be Thursday, January 16, 2020 at New Zion M. B. Church - Time: 12 Noon.  Repast follows at The New Zion Multi-Purpose Complex.

The New Zion M. B. Church family offers their sincere condolences to the Allen family.  You will be truly missed.

Mamie Allen.jpg

In Loving memory of Mother Louise Evans Smith....
You are always on our minds, forever in our hearts, your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure.........
You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.

Sunrise:   February 21, 1925      Sunset: December 5, 2019

New Zion Church Family offers their sincere and deepest condolences to the entire family of our beloved church member Sister Ella Jones.  She will be greatly missed.


Friday: March 26, 2021 - Public visitation from 4:00-7:oo p.m.

Scott's Memorial Funeral Home - 1401 E. Broadway St. Yazoo City, MS  39194

Saturday: March 27, 2021 - Funeral Services 12 Noon (FAMILY ONLY due to Covid) - New Zion M. B. Church - 630 E. Twelfth Street, Yazoo City, MS  39194

Ella 2021.jpg

New Zion M. B. Church family offers their sincere and deepest condolences to the entire family of our beloved church member Sister Clara Crowder.

New Zion Church Family offers their sincere and deepest condolences to the entire family of  Mother Beulah Mayberry in the loss of her son, Bro. Kenneth Mayberry.

01.27.20 Mama Smith.jpg