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Shine in the love of God's grace, every day.

At New Zion MB Church, it's our mission to help you explore your relationship with God and improve those meaningful relationships in your family life. Join us each Sunday and experience the warmth of faith and the strength of our community.

Pastor, Willie Eugene Smith

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The Pastor and Members of New Zion welcome and thank you for stopping by. We truly enjoy your presence and support each worship Sunday. Our goal is to make every member feel loved and to take the word of God with you on your daily journey.

Church History

Sometime before 1881 the Holy Spirit of God moved on the hearts of a group of men and women on the Reagan Plantation of Yazoo County. This moving of God led them to unit as a Baptist Church Congregation called by the name of New Zion Missionary Baptist Church.  Members of the Turner family, Rev. I. C. Williams, John Turner, J. H. Brown, A. Carter and E. Carter were on one accord, touching an agreeing in the Spirt of God.  To aid this brush harbored congregation, the plantation owner, Joe Reagan, deeded to the trustees (and their successors) of New Zion a little over 1/2 acre (near Horse Hill Ridge) of land to build a church building.

In 1900 a corner stone was laid on the left front corner of the church.  A church bell (formed 4/19/1897) was erected in the church tower.  This Church of God grew in the Spirit and in membership.  It became one of the prominent and leading churches of Yazoo County.  During the floodwaters of the 1920's many people from the Sartaria and Holly Bluff areas fled to Yazoo City and New Zion Church for refuge. Among those escaping from the waters was Brother R. T. Frierson from the Travelers Rest M. B. Church of Sartaria.


Not only was it a church to the community but also a school of learning. Many of our fore-parents attended the New Zion School.  Sister Fannie Johnson, mother of Bro. Melvin Johnson often spoke of being a student of the New Zion School.


As anything that is anointed by God, the storms of life raged doing their best to slow down, to turn around, and to destroy the church's existence. New Zion experienced tragedies as do all Christian efforts including two fires that burned the building and a windstorm that turned the building around on its foundation. As always, God's Presence delivered the church each time. New Zion flourished until the late 1960's when civil rights struggles and the flight of many Negroes to the city and the North help lead to its declining membership. During the later part of the 1960's the last Pastor Rev. Reed was afflicted with Alzheimer's disease and the church disbanded and was left to die in the midst of the woods of Horse Hill Ridge. This was not the end of New Zion, but a period of rest from its labor.  In August of 1977, five elderly ladies who were former members of New Zion were moved by their groaning spirit to bring New Zion to life again. These women expressed their desires to Edward T. Smith and Nell Walker (daughter of Gennie V. Johnson). Through these two leading, they met on the old church ground, now grown up with weeds, brushes and a dilapidated building.  They had a prayer meeting and discussed reopening the church. 


They left to return in September 1977 to hopefully call a pastor and start anew. In the September 1977 meeting the oldest of the group, Sister Agnes Hicks, expressed that "They were wandering sheep without a shepherd and if he (Rev. Willie Eugene Smith) would lead them they would follow."  They proceeded to elect Rev. Willie Eugene Smith as their pastor.  Members of various churches and friends came to give their support to this band of five members and a young preacher of one and a half years at their official church services held in October of 1977 and was given very promising hope.  Installation Services were held December 1977. The Reverend Charles Knight delivered the installation Sermon. Friends and supporters from near and far came filling the building to its capacity, with as many on the outside.  God through these many witnesses gave His stamp of approval to the new New Zion Church Family.

The church was a blessed to renovate (a new ceiling, new wall paneling, a carpeted floor, a new front porch and entrance, new (25x12) kitchen, running water from a nearby water well, and two inside restrooms, new roof and new windows) for the old building was nearly wasted away.  All this was done with the volunteered help of Rev. W. E. Smith, Edward T. Smith, and guys who were found sitting on Mrs. Gennie V. Johnson's story porch everyday.  Mr. Boyd Collins was contracted to lead in the renovation with only $6,000.00 in the treasury, $5,000.00 of which was borrowed from the Delta National Bank.  Upon completion of this renovation a mysterious fire destroyed the building completely in February 1981. The church met at Old King Solomon M. B. Church for services having only 15 members. Through many stumbling blocks of Satan, the church was offered the present building with no windows (except the store front windows across the entrance). Through much prayer, many nights of planning and projections the building was acquired through the Delta National Bank. 


The first services were held August 1981.  To the amazement of the pastor and members, the Holy Spirit of God from the old church abided with the flock of New Zion in its new location.  Through God's leadership and guidance it exist in its present condition today.  Rebuilding, remodeling, renovations, adding on, and fixing up by the men of New Zion have blessed us with the present church building, membership and fellowship.  New Zion was blessed with the fulfillment of Pastor Smith's dream of purchasing the Multi-purpose Complex from the City of Yazoo for the sum of $10,510.00.  It has been a blessing to the membership and community.  Today New Zion Missionary Baptist Church speaks for itself.  Five ladies and one man (Jim Martin) used by God are responsible for the present New Zion Church Family.  Our hats are always off to them, Agnes Hicks, Gennie V. Johnson, Earnestine Martin, Annie Bell Simmons and Jeannie Ray Johnson and they shall be remembered always for their hope and dream.


Our vision is to provide the Word of God and to bring the community back to God


We provide Worship Services, Sunday School, Bible Study, Choir Ministry, Mission Ministry and Laymon Ministry to the community


We are here to provide our community with the word and to service our community when possible. 

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