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Brittnee Ballard graduated from Jackson State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Professional Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Education. Brittnee plans to pursue a graduate degree in Public Administration in the fall of 2017.


Lord, as I go forth on this new road

help me carry my given load.

There are worlds to conquer

and dreams to dream -

There is a future for me ,

as it would seem.

I'll fill my niche, accomplish my task,

Lord, be with me, that's all I ask.

Grant that I be worthy of

your precious gift.

And use these talents well,

not go adrift.

Give me faith to serve

without contradictions,

to be your follower in all

my days' convictions.

Let me not quest for greatness

but for truth 'til last,

And only then I dare begin

this journey so vast.


Future is Yours!

Seventy years of marriage is certainly a reason to celebrate. On Saturday, March 26, Samuel and Louise Smith celebrated their 70th year Anniversary with all their children, and many of their grandchildren, friends, community and church members at The New Zion Annex. Mr & Mrs Smith were married on March 10, 1946. Both are in their nineties and still inseparable today. The couple and their grandchildren would like to thank everyone who attended for their gifts, cards and for their many blessings. 


The members of New Zion M. B. Church are proud of our 2017 graduates. We wish you well in your future career path and we pray God's blessings upon each of you.

Adrian Hill dreams of becoming a leader in his community and country. His goal is to one day become the President of the United States, and he could be well on his way.  He is only 17 and has already accomplished so much. Adrian holds several leadership positions at his school. His participation in the JROTC is one of his most proud accomplishments, where he holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Battalion Commander. This is the highest ranking cadet rank in the program!  His plans are to become a soldier as soon as he reaches the proper age. The list of Adrian's accomplishments at age 17 is a long list. We at New Zion are very proud of our own YOUNG man. In the midst of all this he still finds time to serve as usher, choir member and many other positions at New Zion Church. Yet another product of New Zion M. B. Church, we are proud of you Adrian, may God bless you in your endevours.

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Veronica Starling, New Zion Church Member makes a differencein the community by caring for others.  She is the owner of First Choice Home Care, she has a passion for the nursing field and looks forward to working with her home health patients daily. With branches in other counties, she opened a Yazoo facility in 2015.  The local branch employs 52 employees and provides quality care for loved ones. Congratulations Veronica! - A product of New Zion M. B. Church, please support her.

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Brittnee Ballard delivered an awesome Youth Day Message to the Youth of New Zion......

New Zion Youth Choir singing "We got to run race"

2016 Youth Day Program at New Zion

New Zion's Youth Day Program is when we come together to honor the youth in the church. Our services is lead by our future leaders in song, praise and worship. Held every year we represent our youth in the most gracious way in which they do a tremendous job in the church carrying on our worship services. 

Graduating from Yazoo County School, pictured left to right, D'Sire Burns, Owen Alexander & Ayanna Hill (salutatorian)
Not pictured graduating from Yazoo City School, Chelsea Washington, & Tyler Lewis (valedictorian)

New Zion 2016 Graduates


Charketa Knight - Yazoo City High School

Taylor Ballard - Yazoo County High School

Malik Grant - Madison County

Sterling Niken Thomas - Pearl High School


Tranesia MaChelle Johnson - Alcorn State University

Anquanetta White Smith - Belhaven University

Accomplishing great things and keeping God first, these two are products of New Zion M. B. Church!