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New Zion M. B. Church Choir

Rev. Willie E. Smith at the 2017 National Baptist Convention observing the situation 

Sister JoAnn Harris recieved an award for the hard work she does with the Manna House

Happy Easter  - 2018

Enjoying the 2017 National Baptist Convention in St. Louis Missouri

Come and Enjoy!

New Zion M. B. Church celebrated their 136 years Church Anniversary today, Sunday, October 15, 2017.

Rev. & Sis. Willie E. Smith


40 Years & still going strong!

Yazoo County National Laymen's Ministry Awards Banquet, honoring the Late Bro. Aurthur Clayborn, Jr.

Saturday, April 22, 2017 at The New Zion M. B. Church MultiPurpose Complex

Bro. Richard Monroe recieved an award for his work as Chairman of this year's banquet



This Lady, 90 plus years young and she brought the house down!

Rev. Clarence Blackman, Rev. & Mrs. Willie E. Smith, Bro. Melvin Johnson & Bro. Calvin Smith

Holiday Gift Giving



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Bro. Joseph Thomas, President of the Laymen's Ministry & Bro. Michael Wilson, 2017 Layman of the year.

Thursday ---Pastor Willie E. Smith, New Zion M. B. Church & Pleasant Hill M. B. Church

Scriptures: 1 Corinthians: 9:16-19 & 1 Peter 5:1-6

Subject: The burdens of this gospel 

October 4, 2018


Men's Combined County/City Choir


Slideshow from the 2017 Vacation Bible School at New Zion

Yazoo County Layman's Ministry award presented to Brother L. C. Mitchell

New Zion MB Church


Jesus is Risen

Bro. Johnny Wilson recieved an award for his part as Co-chairman of this year's banquet.

Yazoo County Laymen's Ministry Auxiliary to The Yazoo County Brotherhood Association

Sister Gretta Winters recieved an award on behalf or her family's contributions to the Yazoo County Laymen's Brotherhood Ministry

Today we the members of New Zion M. B. Church celebrated our pastor's 40th Year Anniversary!



​​​The Youth Department Co-Ed Softball Tournament

Sponsored by

New Zion Missionary Baptist Church

Saturday, July 23, 2016

was a success, thanks to everyone

Special Thanks to

                              Shirley Knight, Meko Hill 


                                             Greg Burns     

for a successful tournament    


This was a fun-raiser to assist with the cost for the church youth trip to Birmingham, AR

Master of Cermonies, Bro. Edmund Sanders,

King Solomon M. B. Church, Yazoo City

Sister Louise Smith, mother of Pastor Smith

Monday ------------Pastor Darryl Phillips, Mt. Nebo M. B. Church

Scripture:1 Corinthians: 1:17-18  -  Subject: The Significance of the Cross

October 1, 2018

2017 Layman of the Year Award

presented to Bro. Michael Wilson

Member & Deacon of New Zion M. B. Church, Yazoo City, MS

Happy Valentine's Day!

Other Banquet Pics

Pastor Willie E. Smith's 41st Year Anniversary - New Zion M. B. Church

Thanks to all who came out to help us celebrate our Annual pre-Valentine's Day Banquet

​God Bless each of you..



Sister Cynthia Lockhart wishes to thank everyone for you contributions of 66 Throws, her goal was 54 but thanks to you she got more than enough for all the patients on the bottom floor of Oasis and some for the second floor. May God bless each of you

So many wonderful Men and Women Pillars of The New Zion Family have rested in God's arms. Below is a list of those who have answered God's Roll Call. The first Five were the members who were the starting Pillars of New Zion M. B. Church.

                             Agnes Hicks                                         Earnestine Martin             

                            Gennie V. Johnson                              Jeannie Ray Johnson            

                                                         Annie Bell Simmons     

Others Include:

Earnestine Bunch Washington                     Amanda Carlyle                                  Josie Williams

Emma Blair                                                  Rosemary Newkirk                              Dorothy Williams Smith

Catherine Waters                                         Mary Montson                                     Velma Stewart

Mary Guy                                                     Jim Martin                                           J. B. Gross

Jim Grant Smith                                           Robert Perkins                                    Leonard Hackett, Jr.

Tom Simmons                                              Gilbert Scott                                        Annie Kirkland

Nkevia (Grant) Jones                                   Helon Lockhart                                   Latoya Allen

Lena Pearl Owens                                       Roosevelt (Wolf Lake) Hudson           Robert Kirkland

Willie Andrews                                             Charles George                                   Pamper Taylor

Christopher (Chris) Lockhart                       Wesley Taylor, Sr.                                Adlia Cox

Celebrating 39 years as Pastor & First Lady of New Zion M. B. Church

Pastor Willie E. Smith & Sister Willie L. Smith 

Sunday, December 10, 2016

 New Pleasant Grove M. B. Church Choir,

singing praises to the Lord

Men's Combined County/City Choir

Pastor John C. Allen, Sr., speaker for the Yazoo County

Laymen's Ministry Award Banquet

Pastor of the Galilee M. B. Church, Benton, MS


Tuesday ------------Pastor Gregory Westhersby, Rose Hill M. B. Church

 Scripture:Mark 4:35-41 - Subject: The Mustard Seed

Woman's Ministry in charge

October 2, 2018


Sister Cynthia Lockhart had a vision and that vision was to provide throws to as many of the elderly as possible at the Oasis Health & Rehab Center of Yazoo City. One of the elderly told her one day that her legs were cold and it was at that moment that God put it upon her heart to see how many people would donate just one throw for the elderly. Therefore she is asking all New Zion Members and anyone else who will, to donate a new or used, but in good condition throw for the elderly.  Each throw will be gift wrapped and presented to as many of the elderly as possible for Christmas gifts. If you would like to donate a throw please contact Sister Cynthia Lockhart at 601-317-1375. Please DO NOT take the throws to Oasis, give them to Sister Lockhart as she will be wrapping each one and presenting them at Christmas.

It is the time of holiday gift giving, please give a throw today! 


Pre-Valentine's Day celebration at New Zion M. B. Church

​Saturday, February 10, 2018

Wednesday --- Pastor Herrie Jenkins, Jr., Chapel Hill M. B. Church

Scripture: Matthew 9:18-22 - Subject: What do you do when you really don't know what to do?

​Usher's Ministry in charge

October 3, 2018

New Zion Male Choir

New Pleasant Grove M. B. Church of Bentonia Guest Choir

Rev. Clarence Blackman, Pastor